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Mobile Kitchen Fabrication specializes in the custom fabrication and maintenance of Mobile Kitchens, whether it be an entry level Food Trailer or a custom built Food Truck or Event Trailer, we have the experience and skill to produce the highest quality Mobile Kitchen possible.

Full Modification,

Fabrication & Inspection Services

Mobile Kitchen Fabrication can also service and retrofit your existing rig to meet the latest food service regulations as well as maintain and repair your equipment.

Have an inspection coming up? 

Call us to come inspect your rig to make sure you pass the first time. 

Fire Suppression Systems

Mobile Kitchen Fabrication not only builds and maintains Mobile Food Kitchens, but we are a Certified Fire Suppression System Installer in the Denver Metro area.

You need to be out there serving your customers and we know that waiting weeks or even months to get an installation appointment is out of the question.

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Our journey in the Mobile Food Service industry started many years ago with a small hot dog cart affectionately named “Little Red”, making it’s way to Denver serving up dogs outside of Coors Field on game days.

Soon “Little Red” just wasn’t able to keep up and we decided to upgrade to a 6 foot by 12 foot Mobile Kitchen to take care of everyone. A year later that was upgraded to a    8 1/2 x 16 foot Food Trailer capable of serving up 100 hungry customers per hour. And we aren’t talking about pre-prepped food. This was a menu all cooked to order.

We eventually left the food service side of the business and focused ourselves exclusively on the manufacturing side of Mobile food service.

Our story is important because we have been on the food service side of the industry. We know first hand how demanding it can be and we learned the tricks to make the job easier.


We built all of the trailers that we used in service ourselves as well as taking care of all the maintenance and repair. This gives us a unique advantage over other Food Truck and Trailer fabricators and we bring that experience and expertise to our customers.

We have built units from the "Little Red" hot dog cart all the way to custom built 20 foot Food Event Trailers and Food Trucks.
We take maintenance and repair calls often for existing Mobile Kitchens. Many times to fix what wasn't built right to begin with.
As regulations change we get a lot of calls to retrofit existing kitchens to bring them up to code to pass for license renewal.

Because we started as Food Service operators we know exactly what needs to go into a Mobile Kitchen.

We have a great working relationship with both the City Inspection and Fire departments so we not only know how to keep existing Mobile Kitchens up to code but also how to build them right the first time.

Mobile Kitchen Fabrication has come a long way from the "Little Red" hot dog cart to becoming the go to company for custom Mobile Kitchen Fabrication, Repair and Maintenance.

We look forward to hopefully serving you in the future.




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