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Mobile Kitchen Questionnaire

So you're interested in having Mobile Kitchen Fabrication build you a Food Truck or Food Trailer? 

We would love to build one for you! 

The Questionnaire below will give us more information to help you with that. 

Just fill out the form and submit it and we'll get back to you with an estimate and set up a time to talk with you further about your project. 

If you need any assistance please let us know. You can contact us at:

Better yet.....give us a call:


Mobile Kitchen Questionnaire

Where will you be operating your Mobile Kitchen? (Regulations vary in every county)

Do you already have a Truck or Trailer?

If yes, what is the inside dimension of your Truck or Trailer?

What size Trailer/Truck are you looking for if you don't already have one? 

What kind of menu will you be serving? 

Will you want a Refrigerator?

Will you need a Griddle?

Will you need a Steam Table?

Will you need a Fryer?

Will you need Burners?

Will you need a Cold Service Prep Table?

Will you need a Freezer?

Griddle Size?

Steam Table Size?

Will you need an oven?

How many Burners will you need?

What size Cold Service Prep Table?

Will you want a 3 Compartment Sink? 

Note: 3 Compartment Sinks require a large volume of on-board water to meet regulations. 

Will you want additional storage? (Cabinets, Enclosed Counter, Shelves, etc.)

Will you want Air Conditioning?

Will you need a Generator?

Will you want a Furnace?

What type of Generator?

Will you want Composite (FRP) or Stainless Steel Walls and Ceiling?

Will you want undercarriage propane if possible or removable tanks? 

Note: Undercarriage propane on trailers is not available.

Are there any other specific requirements that you have? 

Thank you for Submitting! We will be getting back to you soon!

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